A Quick View of Rolfing with Dan Gentry

  • Who is Dan Gentry?

  • -Certified Rolfer, Rolf Institute- 1987.
    -Bachelor's of Science, emphasis on Biology and Chemistry, Univ. of Central Oklahoma-1981
  • Dan Gentry is a Certified Rolfer with accreditation from The Rolf Institute. Dan was introduced to Rolfing by way of his father, Dr. Byron Gentry, who worked with Dan from an early age, teaching him valuable techniques that would supplement the material he learned in school. Dan's father worked closely with Ida Rolf and helped her develop the technique. She was a frequent guest at their house, where Dan met her and was asked by Ida if he would come to California where he would be a participant in a classroom demonstration of Rolfing by a Rolfer who worked on him while Ida taught the Rolfer. This, along with his father's work inspired Dan to go to school for Rolfing. After completing his education on Rolfing, Dan used the techniques he learned in school and from his father afterwards to build a unique style of practice. He has been in the business of Rolfing, or Structural Integration for over 30 years, helping people from all walks of life to get back to doing what they love.
Dan has worked with many different presented issues including neck, back, hip pain and discomfort. He has helped people who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, Acid Reflux, Bladder issues and many other chronic or acute issues. Dan has also worked on several athletes, such as track and field, boxers, football players, bodybuilders, ballet and other dance professionals, basketball players, both collegiate and professional.

What is Rolfing?

Rolfing, or sometimes called Structural Integration is the practice of working the body to reorganize the tissues, which are referred to as Fascia and permeate the whole body. This practice of Rolfing was the birth child of Ida Rolf, who recognized the importance of treating the body as a system that is interconnected in many ways, instead of a set of different parts coming together to make a person. The hallmark of Rolfing and Structural Integration is that the body will be evaluated and worked on as a whole, which in effect, fulfills Ida Rolf's original intent of helping the body regain its natural integrity.
"This is the gospel of Rolfing;When the body gets working appropriately,the force of gravity can flow through.Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself."-Ida P. Rolf



Still Have Questions?

If you would like to have more information on Rolfing,or the practitioner Dan Gentry, please call us at (405) 942-5100. If you or your loved one who needs services and are unable or find it difficult to use a phone, you may always send us an email at okcrolfing@gmail.com.

Is Rolfing Right For Me?

The Ten Steps
Rolfing, Structural Integration, is sometimes called The Ten Steps. These Ten Steps represent the ten most basic Rolfing Sessions a person will undergo. Each step is a session which is designed for a specific area of the body that you would like to be free of pain or discomfort. This involves a series of sessions in which the Rolfer focuses on specific areas of the body, which may surprise you to find out that they are related to the discomfort you feel. This is done in order to free the area from pain or discomfort.
Spot Rolfing
Spot Rolfing is working on the point of pain first, then working to integrate the corresponding muscles that caused the structural imbalance. This structural imbalance is what caused the point of pain. Structural Imbalances could be caused from an injury, an accident, repetitive movement structural bad habits, genetics, organ reflexes, emotional upset, and/or bad treatment and surgeries- just to name a few.
No matter the cause, you CAN regain your integrated structural balance, health, and feel good again.
If you are in pain and/or have found no relief through medication, physical therapy, or other courses of treatment, Rolfing may be for you! Call us today to tell us where you are in your wellness journey, and to figure out how Dan can get you where you would like to be!



The Rolfing® Difference

Rolfing is often referred to as “structural integration.” It is not simply massage, it is a system of deep manipulation of the connective tissues that aims to restructure the fascia (the sheath of tissue that surrounds a muscle) and relieve physical misalignment.

You may become more in touch with your body, experience less pain and stress, improve your posture, even release repressed emotions and diminish habitual muscle tension. People who have experienced Rolfing often find an improvement in their professional and daily activities.

1. For More Information 

For more information and to answer any questions you may have, please give us a call. 

2. Spot-Rolfing or Ten Series?

Dan will work with you to discover which Rolfing plan is right for you! Both plans involve techniques that he will use to work on your unique imbalance, working from the point of pain to balance the whole body.

3. The Benefits of Rolfing

Some of the benefits of Rolfing® can include reduced neck, back, and shoulder pain, improved posture, better sleep and improved athletic ability. 

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